BOX – Remains

Actually these items are remains of the socialist regime, which were made on pattern production line.In the 60’s and 70’s Hungary the govermental building industry as they called “block factories”, effused the concrete units for the block houses in comparison to the planned economy. 

During the manufacturing, the remaining  concrete they compulsorily used to make flower boxes like these, as huge quantity that these concrete flower boxes nowdays still can be found on the streets of the cities. 

After the 1989’s change of regime these boxes survived the ideological refreshing, which converted the public area as well. In our milieu they knocked over the socialist statues, and memories, renamed the streets, and squares, but these boxes still sit on their own places as the witnesses of the past. 
Being so invisible, because of the conventionality, so natural as the emotional and mental remains of our socialisic past. This mentality is in our collective subconscious, which is although suppressed we give it to the next generation after all.