• Flacara – Breakdown

    Flacara - Breakdown/2014
    In this work I am presenting the mechanisms of memory and archiving in four creative aspects, 
    trough Flacara - the closed textile factory in Cluj (Romania).
    I. "Vizite de lucru" 
    The work visits took place on the two white spaces (in these hangars were alligned the sewing machines), 
    also these were the stages for the high political figure’s propaganda visits as well...
    II. Found stuff 
    The found stuff were things left behind, gathered by me from the factory. 
    Using the technology and methodology of archiving, 
    i’m abstracting their original functions, long lost by then. By raising them from „trash”, 
    by holding on to them, by creating the „archive” i’m reclassifying them...
    III. Tableau 
    Tableau. I’m creating a fictitious tableau of memory by cutting out the uncertain, 
    obscure portraits from the original pictures provided by the factory workers themselves. 
    The pictures frames were originally used for the electrical plugs of the sewing machines...
    IV. Breakdown 
    The factory has been closed since years.The emptiness of the hangars is filled by the 
    monotonous rumble of the rigs breaking the concrete, instead of the sound of the sewing machines. 
    Breakdown. Confusion.